Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Switching Costs

There aren't too many things I remember from my core IT class in b-school, but one thing that's stuck is the notion of switching costs -essentially the price a consumer pays when changing suppliers. The costs can take on different forms -money and time to name a few. In my case:  my new phone is still fun and darling, but I'm working through a few issues which are taking up time. Namely: I cannot figure out how to text in English. A friend showed me how to switch the phone's menu from Korean to English -a major help indeed! And earlier today, another friend demonstrated how to reply to text messages in English, although with this model, I cannot set English as my default language for texting purposes. Unfortunately, tonight when I tried to recall the steps, I failed miserably and wound up texting someone (not even sure whom!) in Korean. No idea what I said. Another challenge to overcome is setting up voice mail. I've heard voice mail is not very common here but am wondering if that's just a rumor. Will need to look into it...

On a happier note:  there is a hotteok cart right outside of my workplace. I discovered it by accident on my way to the bank. Its proximity to my school is both marvelous and potentially deadly. Must limit myself to a few visits per week. Hmm... now how to determine a realistic number? 

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