Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Snowday

Serious snow day! So much more fun to walk around in freezing temperatures when the snow is falling and covering the city in a white blanket. Today, things looked prettier and felt more serene, even if we did pack in a full day of activity. 

My dad and I toured Hyehwa this afternoon and had pizza at my favorite place, Di Matteo's. I enjoyed making a couple snowballs for two sisters who were have a snow fight... in the picture below, it looks like one of them is about to tag me!


From Hyehwa, we went onto church and enjoyed a great service. I am really blessed to know some very fun and warmhearted people from there. Can't imagine living here without their friendship.

Next stop after church:  COEX -the mega-mall near my apartment. I was in search of a sporty, down jacket but couldn't find quite the right match. My dad was a terrific sport, however, and I think he got an even clearer picture of the lengths women will go to in order to find the right one -apparel, mate, etc.

Our final stop was dinner at my favorite neighborhood spot -BBQ Chicken. Their fried chicken is just so darn good, and tonight's experience proved no exception. Once again I am exhausted and am now starting to brainstorm ways to incorporate scheduled relaxation into my Seoul routine...  

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