Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prison Visit

We covered a lot of ground today, both historically and geographically. After touring my school and meeting my colleagues, we headed north to visit Seodaemun Prison History Hall. The preserved space depicts atrocities committed by the Japanese against Korean nationals (both men and women) who fought for independence from 1908 - 1945. It was difficult to walk through the prison halls and not be overwhelmed by emotion. I took many pictures but probably will wait before posting the graphic ones as they're very upsetting. For your reference, here a few images:


Afterward, we walked around Gwanghwamun Square which is a major center of activity, perhaps even the soul of Seoul. Of course, there were some photo ops...

So much to see and do, and yet the cold quickly became a determining factor in curbing our sightseeing for the day. Not to worry, we have a very early wake-up call tomorrow as we're headed to the DMZ... stay tuned!   

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