Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Breakfast Burrito(s)

Now there's an item I never imagined I'd eat in Korea. But, thanks to Monday's special delivery, I can. In fact, I had a breakfast burrito yesterday and today, and may even go for three days in a row tomorrow.

One of the best, yet simplest, pleasures in life is the flour tortilla. I'd almost forgotten how good they could be. Almost.

(Muchas gracias, dear uncle.)


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  2. Hi, Jennifer!
    It's Kyeong-Hyeon from BSF.
    Michelle, Annette and I are going to gether together at Michelle's next week.
    We want you to join us.
    Call Michelle(010-4879-1168), Annette(018-401-5832) or me(010-5391-4906).
    See you~