Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seoul Snow Jam

Who could imagine the heart of Seoul's historic center as the prime location of the Snowboard Big Air World Cup competition? And yet, I was there and saw it with my own eyes right at Gwanghwamun Plaza. Very cool (and cold). The jump ramp was 34 meters high and 100 meters in length. Even though when I got there tonight the weekend's festivities were winding down, I did manage to see the final heats. The stunts were impressive along with the competitors themselves who were dashing in a Nordic-Scandinavian way.


As it turned out, it wasn't too complicated to walk through the press + players section. Not wanting to appear as groupies, we left the area after a short while, though not before I locked eyes on the one person I'd hoped to see based on his picture in the advert. I froze when he made eye contact and smiled at me. No words exchanged, just bashful glances.

Not a whole lot of security, so we wandered through.

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  1. Pretty awesome, Jennifer! Seoul sounds so exciting... a new adventure with each new day! I love you and hope we can skype when you wake up... Sunday night for me. I think I will have some exciting news to share with you ;)