Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ham I Am

Sometimes I am such a goof. Take this afternoon, for example. I went grocery shopping on Power Saturday with a zillion other people. In true form, the store was handing out insane samples -maybe even 50% of the items in stock. It was nuts. Anyway, I tried a few different things, including a small slice of ham which tasted okay. The saleswoman pointed out that if you bought the ham, you got two sets of pretty, blue chopsticks, in addition to bonus packages of ham. So, being the goof that I am, I bought some. Then I went home and ate some. Only problem? I hate ham. I have always disliked it, and now that I'm digesting my lunch, I'm feeling nauseous and overwhelmed by a fierce, anti-ham sentiment. I'm sure it will keep forever, so next time you're in town, all you ham lovers are welcome to it. 

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