Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not So Unusual

It's definitely happening. Things that struck me as different or unusual when I first got here are beginning to seem ordinary. I had intended to make a list within the early days of arriving, however everything happened so quickly that I never got around to it. So now I'm trying to remember what was new to me only three months ago. Let's see...
  • Bowing -haven't learned exactly how to do it, but I try. And when others do it, I'm no longer surprised.
  • Two hands -I try to remember to use both hands when giving something; apparently this is more polite than using one hand.
  • Kimchi -this topic warrants its own posting. In a nutshell: it is the super-food of Korea, revered above all others. I assume it will be present at any meal when eating out (note:  I've never actually purchased kimchi by itself but have already consumed far more than I would've anticipated since it comes with everything.)
  • Toilets -must devote a posting to this topic, too. To summarize:  while I still haven't figured out how to predict which type of toilet will be in which establishment -and some places have both- I've gotten used to either option. Am still adjusting to the co-ed nature of many public restrooms though. Also, I'm much better at remembering to have tissue with me when entering a stall as there's often no paper to be found once inside.
  • Toilet paper -commonly used in lieu of napkins at several places I frequent; this comes in handy with respect to the previous item.
Okay, that's the starter list. Will mention more as I remember them...

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