Saturday, May 1, 2010

Play Ball!

My first baseball game in Korea... quite the event! 

There are 8 professional teams in Korea. Tonight I watched the Nexen Heroes defeat the Doosan Bears (11-3) at Jamsil Sports Complex. All of the teams are sponsored by the top Korean corporations, so when you're cheering for the LG Twins, for instance, you're actually incorporating LG's name into the cheer. 

There were many similarities to games I've been to in the States, and many differences, too. As far as similarities go, here are the basics:
  • the game is played the same, and yes, the players run counter-clockwise
  • each player has a signature song when he goes up to bat 
The differences were noteworthy, to say the least. A few to get you thinking:
  • cheerleaders... dancing in 5-inch heels!
  • plus:  each team has an MC that cajoles the crowd into cheering every time their team's at bat
  • no 7th inning stretch
  • concessions are a mixed bag -I saw a few KFC's and Burger Kings; other options included traditional Korean fast food and mini-convenience stores to get chips, ice cream, sodas
  • no hot dogs, no nachos, no un-shelled peanuts
  • beer served through the game's entirety
the Heroes' MC -working his magic on the crowd

a few Heroes' cheerleaders -not wearing uniforms, unlike the Bears' girls

photogenic cheerleaders, so accessible, too!

young fans


  1. I was at the game and it looks like I sat right next to you... I was right in front of the MC and enjoyed the game. I actually recall this last picture being taken as it happened about 4 rows in front of me... Small world!!

  2. Love, love, LOVE IT! Looks like such a blast! Those little kids are so cute, too! Hope you had a lovely time, despite the lack of hot dogs! Miss you!

  3. Wow, I was at the same game too :) I was on the same side different section(blue) closer to the 3rd base and I saw them cheerleaders dancing :)

  4. small world indeed! thanks for reading and for your comments, fellow seoulites ;)