Friday, May 14, 2010

Hodge Podge

This week has been unbelievably hectic, even by Seoul standards. I think I may have written that exact statement before about a previous week, but at this point on a Friday evening, I'm lacking in the originality department. 

Tonight's post is a hodge podge of some standout moments from the past few days:

A student asked if I was from America. When I replied that I was, he noted:  but your skin's not white.

In honor of Teacher's Day (May 15th), a few students brought me gifts. One boy wrote this in his card:
Hello, Jennifer teacher! Tomorrow is Teacher's Day. Congratulation. Thank you for teaching me English. I will do better. Thank you.
And earlier today a former student treated me to a fantastic lunch which left me full throughout the long afternoon, as well as grateful for some adult conversation.
Last night after work, I raced over to Olympic Hall to meet up with a cousin who was performing with his band mates at an exclusive event. Because of my crazy work hours, I couldn't attend the concert, but seeing him afterward was a real treat... so nice to speak English at a quick pace and in a normal cadence. Plus bonus points for having in-person contact with an actual blood relative.

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  1. Nice journey you have in Korea. Wish I am too.