Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Duck and Beef

Thanks to the largesse of various Korean friends, I dined like a queen today. I'm actually embarrassed to publicly disclose all that I consumed but am willing to do so for the sake of accurate documentation.

Started my morning with an intense iced-Americano while meeting a friend at the Tom-N-Tom's by my place. A lively dialogue ensued, and due to the caffeine rush, I was more than ready for my next appointment, a lunch meeting in Apgujeong. We ate duck and about a zillion Korean sides. Truly an unbelievable amount of food. Plus the number of dishes on the table was astonishing by Western standards, though typical by Korean. Rough estimate:  approximately 45 bowls for four people. Should've snapped a pic... arghh!

Following lunch, I drank another iced-Americano at a different Tom-N-Tom's which left me feeling quite wired. It was all good though because I needed to focus on the topics at hand. After that meeting, I dashed over to Kinko's near COEX which was an altogether lovely experience. Really. The staff was so helpful and the pricing so reasonable.  

Made it home from Kinko's with just enough time to wash my face, freshen my make-up, and lie down for 3 minutes. Then, off to dinner which was so, so awesome. We dined on Japanese beef and an assortment of sides, plus some Asahi -nice way to relax after a rather busy day.

(note:  If this is how a foreign woman gets to celebrate Children's Day, then count me in for next year, too!)

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