Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Birthday

Today marks another first.

I attended a Korean-style 1st birthday party for a very special little girl, and what an extravaganza. For those who have gone to one, you know what I'm talking about. Elaborate food, unique customs, and the tray game which works like this:  different items on a tray symbolize various occupations or pursuits. So a stethoscope represents a career in medicine, a pencil relates to academics, money equals future wealth, and so forth. Well, everyone got a good chuckle because the birthday girl went straight for the microphone, which apparently suggests a career in entertainment. Especially cute since her father has a passion for music and songwriting.  

After the party I strolled through Gangnam. The outfits people wear there and elsewhere never cease to amaze me. I really want to snap pictures, but I'm worried about offending the locals. I opted instead to take one of this freaky-looking mannequin. So many things wrong with it, the most significant being that it's placed outside of a Japanese restaurant where a man, operating a remote, controls its arm movements so that the mannequin appears to be waving to passersby, beckoning them to come in. Creepy.
After watching me take these, the guy actually asked if I wanted my picture with it. Crazy.

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