Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Tribute

On this day, I want to extend big hugs and warm birthday wishes to my Grandma Terri. It's her 80th birthday, and she sure makes eighty seem young. Not only can she Skype and send emails, she can do them both while juggling calls on her cellphone and land line. She has logged more time and miles visiting her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren than anyone else I know. The plays, recitals, and graduations she's attended (and endured!) are too numerous to count.

Grandma:  I've said it before, but it's worth repeating.... even though you don't have favorites, you've always made me feel extra-special. I have such fond memories of celebrating holidays and other occasions with you. You're a warm, dynamic hostess, always ready with a funny joke or anecdote. And your food -such glorious food! I've always loved your fried zucchini, lasagna, and incredible sauce, and now that I'm living in Seoul, I find I crave those dishes even more. May this upcoming year be filled with unexpected blessings and much joy. I love you loads. Happy Birthday.  xo


  1. What a gracious and loving tribute to Grandma Terri on her 80th birthday...
    Love you,

  2. Hi Jen, my seoul-ful niece! I finally got into your blog! I love your descriptives..I'm almost there with you. Your great spirit is inspiring. Soon I will have a camera so we can Skype! Happy December! xo Auntie