Saturday, November 14, 2009

Transportive Carols

When they're good, Christmas carols can be transportive, enveloping you in nostalgia one minute, then carrying you to hopeful new beginnings in the next. Confession:  I listen to them throughout the year, although primarily in November and December (which makes me not entirely unconventional). 

Today I bought Chris Tomlin's Christmas album from iTunes because I really like Chris and want to support his music. I am also slightly obsessed with one of the tracks; it's a new song of his called "Winter Snow", and it features Audrey Assad whose voice is lovely. The song works on all levels -melody, lyrics, and vocals. I can't praise it enough nor can I stop listening to it. Every life has its own unique soundtrack, and this song is now part of mine. Strangely, I feel like I'm oscillating between different eras when I hear it, which, coincidentally, is how I generally feel since moving to Seoul. Distant past meets far-out future on a regular basis here.

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