Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trip to Techno Mart

Spent Tuesday morning at Techno Mart with a colleague. He offered to accompany me as I began my quest for a new camera, and I appreciated his help. Not only is he an all-around cool dude, but he's conversant in Korean which came in handy.

Basically, I went in knowing what I wanted -essentially the latest version of my previous camera, a Canon ELPH. And that's pretty much what I got. (This model boasts 12.1 mega pixels and can film movies in high definition; also, its instruction manual is in Korean). What I hadn't counted on was bloated pricing. The price of my new camera was substantially higher than what I'd found doing research online the night before. Ironically, I tried to purchase the camera from Amazon, only to learn that this particular item could not be shipped to my mailing address in Seoul (meanwhile, apparently there are no issues with shipping The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Season Five DVD set to Korea). I am aware of lingering rivalry between Japan and Korea, and perhaps this is just another manifestation. 

A word on Techno Mart:  it is dizzying. Nine massive floors of electronics, with vendors working off commission at their individual booths. Expect to be wowed by the sheer vastness in selection. Do not go in thinking you'll walk away with an amazing deal. Remember the rule of thumb when buying Japanese products in Korea:  try to get them online from an American retailer instead.

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