Friday, November 20, 2009

The Weather

Talking about the weather gets a bum rap. As in:  you must be incredibly dull and unoriginal to discuss weather conditions at length, or ever (no offense to any meteorologists out there). Yet, coming from Southern California where weather can basically be summed up as Perfect or Overcast Though Nearly Perfect, the weather in Seoul is indeed novel subject material.

Anyone who's from here will proudly tell you again and again that Seoul has four distinct seasons. What they don't always mention is that Fall lasts about 2 weeks, or at least that was its duration in 2009. Although it's only November 20th, Winter appears to be here, one month early, or right on schedule depending on your perspective. I heard that we actually had snow flurries this evening -some of my students and colleagues observed them, though I did not. Regardless, the temp is certainly suitable for snow. Currently it's 2 C, and tomorrow's high is projected at 3 C, with the windchill bringing it down to -2 C. Just thought you'd want to know. Something I'd like to know:  where is the key to denote degrees on my laptop?

For those of you keeping track:  I began wearing my winter coat a few weeks ago. The pasta and sauce remain unopened.

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