Saturday, November 21, 2009

Korean Hospitality

Another bustling Saturday, this time with my Korean friends. They met me in Apgujeong and introduced me to their extended family. Such kind, warm people! They were all so loving to each other and towards me, and it was nice to spend the day in their company. We had a long lunch together:  traditional Korean BBQ with pork. It was excellent, and I even tried pork skin. Not bad!

After lunch, we stopped at Baskin Robbins and brought it back to one of their apartments. Lots of visiting, followed by a group trek to Dongdaemun Market. It was good to be back there with locals since they showed me the highlights which I completely missed on my solo visit last weekend. I stocked up on some Christmas gifts and am excited to return, especially now that I know where to go.

I'm back at home, trying to motivate so I can finish writing up students' grades. This batch is due on Monday, and I'd love to knock them all out tonight. Just treated myself to a few more Christmas carol downloads and really have no more excuses to procrastinate.

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