Monday, October 19, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Backtracking, rewinding, going back in time... they're difficult to do in Seoul because seriously, so much seems to happen on any given day. I promised a weekend recap, so here it is in a nutshell:  On Saturday I met up with a friend and her cousin at Seoul Station (it's huge and easy to get lost there). We grabbed lunch at Shinsegae department store (another steamed pork bun!) and then strolled around Myeongdong before heading to Gangnam. We later attended a housewarming party for some expats who teach together at a hagwon. Lots of fun. It was nice to meet new people and trade stories on adjusting to Korean culture. I bowed out early at 2am so that I could be in decent shape for my Sunday activities. Chief on my list was attending a seminar given by Philip Yancey at Young Nak church. I'm glad I went -he spoke on Grace and what's so amazing about it. One point particularly resonated:  it's easy to to be gracious when we're surrounded by people like us; the challenge lies in extending grace to those who offend us. 

After the service, I ran errands in the area. I happen to love Myeongdong which is loaded with stores and conveniently located near Young Nak. I picked up some essentials, then headed home. But....! Not before I made my now-weekly pilgrimage to buy a roti bun (disclaimer:  I also purchased one on Saturday. I am trying to limit my roti bun intake to weekends only... as many as I want, as long as it's on a weekend. Thank goodness I don't live near a roti bun specialty shop; there's no way I'd be able to keep up this resolve.) Haven't forgotten about devoting a post to the roti bun and its awe-inducing essence. Expect it later this week.

All in all, a busy weekend. Not very restful, but I appreciated the opportunity to meet new people, see interesting places, and listen to a highly-relevant, applicable seminar.

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