Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Banking and Back to School

Yesterday was a slow-moving transition back into a normal schedule after a long, four-day weekend. The students were particularly disengaged, even for middle schoolers. I was beyond ready for the school day to end at 10pm and arrived home too drained to drum up anything insightful to write about, thus the lapse in posts. I'm quite flattered to learn that a few of you noticed the absence, and I very much appreciate your checking in. Rest assured, I have no plans to abandon my beloved blog now that I've got nearly three weeks in Seoul under my belt.

Yesterday's big event:  I set up a bank account, or to put it more accurately, I signed a dozen forms, all in Korean, while my manager spoke on my behalf with the bank. It's a peculiar feeling to put your signature on official documents written in a language you cannot read. I had no other option though. The bank didn't have any forms with English translation, and the school uses this bank (and this bank only) to pay its employees via direct deposit. Ahhh, trust... it's a difficult thing. Good thing I keep Proverbs 3:5-6 on quick recall.  

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