Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apartment Pics

Let's consider this Phase One of my decorating plans... once I get my first paycheck, I'll do a few things to spruce up the place, but in the meantime, here's how it looks. I am very grateful for the amount of space I have as my studio is significantly larger than others I've seen.

Entryway and kitchen area, taken from front door; laundry room is through the far sliding doors:

Kitchen, taken from entryway:

Kitchen, detail:

Bedroom, taken from the kitchen:

Bedroom, taken from the bathroom:

Taken from my bed; the bathroom is on the left, and you can see the laundry room on the right:

Entrance to bathroom:

The bathroom, left side:

Bathroom, right side:

Laundry room:

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer,
    Love seeing your apartment and the splashes of color you added.
    I am trying to figure out the hose over your bathroom sink...
    Glad we located the April Cornell dish towel.
    Love you,