Friday, October 30, 2009


Just got home from a night out with colleagues. It was nice to unwind after an unusual day at work. We're celebrating Halloween at school, and today was pretty fun. Costume contests, trick-or-treating, and candy galore. I taught my students the UCLA cheer, which they then performed for all of the teachers in order to earn candy. It was cute watching them form the letters and listening to them chant:  Fight, Bruins, Fight. Round Two is tomorrow (Friday) which means I'll be sporting my butterfly costume two days in a row.

After work, a few teachers and I headed to a restaurant in our neighborhood for some darn good, fried chicken. The place is about 50 yards from my apartment. During our meal we were approached by a local who was holding a dried squid. He was desperate to know what the English word was, and so we coached him in the spelling and pronunciation of "squid." It was actually a very funny scene (I can't really do it justice here), and it culminated in the guy returning to his table and beginning a belching contest with his buddy. Yeah, you probably had to be there, but the four of us were amused all the same.

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