Friday, October 16, 2009

A Motley Day

It's not for lack of material that I'm struggling to write. Today alone brought plenty of nuggets to share. The difficulty is in deciding which one to focus on given their varied natures, coupled with the fact that it's going on 2 a.m. How about this:  I'll make a list, and then later figure out which items merit elaboration:
  • Another fabulous start to another Thursday, courtesy of BSF.
  • Deranged man follows a colleague and me into the subway station (in the movie version, he would've hopped the turnstile and jumped onto the train at the last second).
  • Military jets still flying incredibly low, and now they've got pink, blue, and yellow contrails.
  • Another colleague and I check out a fantastic spot in our neighborhood after work. We could've been anywhere, but the place was called Seattle.
  • I send an email via Facebook to an artist whose music has literally changed my life, asking him to consider performing in Seoul.
  • Another day down:  no coat, no sauce.


  1. I would love some elaboration on point number two.... ;)

  2. Hi, chica! We seriously need to catch up... Do you have Skype installed on your computer? Let's figure something out... miss you! xo

    ps: same deranged guy was at the same subway stop when i passed through on sunday (yesterday). creepy!

  3. Hey Jen,
    No skype yet...Sadly I have not replaced our crashed laptop so I am limited to work computer only for now!! Miss you lots!

  4. Have now seen him four times... that is definitely his hangout.