Monday, October 19, 2009

Banner Mail Day

It truly was. When I arrived at work today, my manager told me there were three packages for me on her desk. I thought I misunderstood, but sure enough there were. Chocolate and taffy from Joanna + Morgan, and some excellent entertainment options from Jeremy. I was/still am so excited by the windfall. Thank you, thank you!

It got even better. I then walked into the teachers' break room to find two letters waiting for me -from Mom and Uncle Fog. So nice to hear from you, too! I hope I'm not embarrassing anyone by calling you out, I just really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I will now sign off to watch Anchorman (or The Office or Mad Men, Season Two -can't decide!) while savoring a bite of Ghirardelli, intense dark. As we say in Korea:  Kam Sa Ham Ni Da.

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