Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flowers, Mushrooms, and Rainbows

Today was low-key. Inspired by the recent joy of receiving a letter, I wrote a few of my own. Then, remembering I had promised you a post with pictures, I ventured outdoors, camera in hand. I decided to get a better feel for my neighborhood and am glad I did because I found a few places that looked interesting. One in particular was a coffee shop that sells flowers:

I later found myself on the path I take when walking home from school. Since it's well past dark when I head home, I haven't been able to fully appreciate how charming and well-maintained it is:


Along the same path are these massive concrete mushrooms:

My timing was perfect since I was able to catch a rainbow, too:

I continued walking south and wound up at Rodeo Drive....well, Seoul's mid-priced version anyway. I love the signs:

Even though the streets aren't lined with luxury boutiques, I definitely got the impression I was dressed poorly for the experience. Had I known in advance I'd end up there, I wouldn't have worn shorts and a UCLA tee. Wish I'd have been brave enough to take some pics of the looks I received from more than a few salespeople.

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