Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keeping Tabs

For those of you keeping tabs, I've used neither the coat nor the pasta + sauce. However, that may all change tomorrow as it's gotten very chilly, very quickly. Back on Sunday, I thought for sure by the week's end I'd be whipping up a pasta dinner with Andrea Bocelli playing in the background and that the winter coat would remain where it is now:  folded neatly in its shopping bag (haven't bothered to hang it up, perhaps in an attempt to stave off Winter by keeping it tucked away....?!). Now, the thought of going coatless much longer seems, well, dumb.

I've been out of NYC too long, and thus it's impossible to think about sunbathing in these temperatures like I once did in Central Park. Dare I say it? I'm actually getting cold. 

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