Friday, October 9, 2009

BSF Shout-Out

In the three weeks I've been here, I can honestly say I haven't had a better start to a day than the one I experienced this morning. (Good thing, too, as the rest of the day was unusually taxing.) I woke up on the early side for a Korean-based ESL teacher and was out the door by 9am. There was a crispness in the air, and it felt good as I walked to Jamsil station. My goal was to arrive at the church on time, and I almost managed to do so even after an unanticipated subway train switch.

Upon exiting my destination station (Euljiro 3ga), I became disoriented. I knew I needed to exit through gate 12 but had no idea where to go from there. Some construction workers noticed my puzzled look and asked where I was headed. They gave me directions and then said they loved me, which amused me but also made me wonder if they were sending me down a rabbit trail. Fortunately, their directions were accurate, and within a couple minutes I caught sight of the church's steeple. My heart began pounding. Looking back, I'm not sure if I was out of breath, nervous or worried about being disappointed. In any case, my anxiety was completely unnecessary, and I realized as much from the minute I walked through the doors. Several women greeted me warmly, putting me at ease. I became overwhelmed by a tremendous sense of joy, peace, and hope, and actually got a little choked up. God is so good. He is such a personal God, meeting us right where we're at. After feeling disconnected the last few weeks, I needed to feel His presence, and He blessed me more than I could imagine. For the other BSFers out there:  the discussion group was lively, and the lecture was insightful, interesting, and very applicable. I look forward to returning next week.

And for those who are still trying to figure out what BSF stands for, let me point you here: There may be a class near you... it's worth checking out.


  1. Jennifer,
    Those construction workers who helped you find the church where you needed to go for Bible study may have been "God's secret agents/angles" directed by Him to help you.
    God is good indeed, no matter what!
    Love you,

  2. Jen,
    Thanks for the uplifting update...I was very happy to hear about how God blessed you today.
    Love you lots!! xoxo

  3. Jennifer,
    Sent your blog to several BSF friends today...they all replied, "Amazing God"! Ran into Dr. Yaru today and he asked about you.
    In my earlier blog I meant to say God's angels, not angles....