Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cliche Dinner

Just polished off a bag of some sort of salty shrimp snack (alliteration unintentional, but amusing nonetheless). My dinner turned out to be a complete cliche, albeit an accidental one. Here's the evidence:

salmon sashimi, purchased on sale for 4,900 won (about $4)


  shrimp snack

Can't begin to imagine how much sodium I've ingested but am remaining hopeful I'll return to more heathful eating soon. Must admit, however, it was all very tasty and effortless. 

There's a terrific thunderstorm going on, and I am thrilled. I stayed in this evening and am hoping to log in a solid 8-9 hours of sleep time. Be back tomorrow.


  1. Be careful of the sodium intake; I heard once
    that it can make a woman's breast larger and I'm sure they are already shocked by the vuluptuous Westerner with the curves already! Lol

  2. I LOVE those shrimp snacks! We buy them at Mitsuwa Marketplace here in San Diego, but they do make your breath a bit, shall we say, fishy.

  3. Uncle Fog: was waiting for that comment ;) you made me laugh out loud. thank you. xo

    Kari: hope you're doing great! i miss you and your incisive wit. xo