Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sunday Outing

Today I visited Young Nak Church. It's actually the same church that hosts the BSF class I attend. Anyway, it was awesome to walk in and hear people singing in English, and even better that they were singing one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs ("How Great Is Our God"). That got me a little choked up. 

I enjoyed meeting fellow believers, some of whom traveled far longer than I did to be there. One girl I met is originally from Irvine, CA, and her commute to the church is nearly two hours. So, I felt ridiculous for thinking on the way there that it's an hour commute each way for me. I met the pastor, and he introduced me to his wife. He knew who Tim Keller was, and he's eager to put me in contact with a woman who also attended Redeemer Pres when she lived in NYC. Overall, a very uplifting experience.

After church, I roamed through the neighborhood. It's a bustling shopping area, and even though I'm currently on limited funds, I broke down and made two inevitable purchases. The first involves food (no surprise there):

The second purchase:  a winter coat which had been drastically marked down. I vacillated forever trying to decide between the black coat I ultimately bought and the off-white one I really wanted. It looked so chic and clean -and I knew it wouldn't stay that way for long, given the amount of wear it would get (one point for pragmatism). 

Once again I found myself at odds with saleswomen. These two seemed annoyed that I was taking too much time to decide. They also assured me that I was definitely the larger size (even though the smaller size actually seemed to fit better). I acquiesced out of exasperation. And then later, I surmised it probably was the right decision since I'd likely be wearing bulkier clothes come winter than what I had on today.

Now, the real question:  which will I use first -the coat or pasta + sauce? Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

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