Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Another day of fluttering around like a busy butterfly. Copious amounts of candy, plus trick-or-treating, judging costume contests, and practicing + performing endless rounds of the UCLA cheer (I'm even tiring of it and can only imagine how my colleagues feel; most of them taught 5 different songs to each of their classes whereas I took the lazy route and coerced all of my students to feign Bruin pride). In any event, the day flew by, at least until the sugar wore off and the inevitable crash kicked in.

To help you visualize, here are some photos:

one of my students placed in the costume contest

fellow teachers/contest judges


  1. Jennifer,
    You are the cutest butterfly ever!
    It was fun to speak with a conference call this morning and it cheered Grandma's spirit.
    Love you,

  2. Happy Hallowe'en!
    Boy, some of those kids/teachers look like they spent a lot of money on those costumes...did yours come from the 99 Cent Store?

  3. Bruin Pride is always an awesome thing! :) And your mom is right. You are beyond cute. I am loving reading about your adventure thus far.