Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleet and Laundry

My day off wasn't exactly the productivity extravaganza I was hoping for, but when you wake up to sleet at noon, what can one expect? (Side note:  not sure what's compelling me to sleep in such strange intervals and erratic patterns, but I'd like to sort this out sooner rather than later. Lately, I cannot predict when I'll fall asleep or for how long I'll be down.)

Laundry is my favorite domestic chore, and so I used the cold weather conditions as an excuse to wash multiple loads, primarily the colorful pashminas I picked up in Hong Kong. They're even softer now! I also compulsively cleaned my bathroom drain, taking it completely apart this time (that whole process is utterly revolting and yet strangely gratifying). After dousing my bathroom in bleach, it was time to get out of the apartment for awhile, and so I took a three hour walk. I headed to Olympic Park and walked around there for a bit. I got sidetracked though because on my way over, I saw a delivery guy for Papa John's which reignited my interest in figuring out where the restaurant is. After searching around the area, I still haven't found it.

On my way back home, taking a different and more scenic route, I spotted a TESCO. Checking it out was quite an experience as the store is eight floors and full of everything a home could need -from food and toiletries to dishes, linens, clothing, appliances, electronics, etc. I was hoping for more international brands but didn't see too many. Still, once again I'm reminded of the endless shopping opportunities there are in this city. 

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