Friday, March 5, 2010

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days at work where if you itemized all the challenging (read:  annoying) things that occurred, you'd look like a nitpicking jerk. However on this side of things, the day seems almost comical. Funny enough, there were several sweet things that happened, but based on the sheer volume of frustrations, they were negated, at least at the time when everything else was happening. Now, writing from the realm of domesticity, I can smile as I think about any of the following:
  • The darling students I began teaching for Basic English (where we play tapes with songs about saying hi and goodbye); the kids are so little and cute, they actually look like dolls that have come to life.
  • A boy from Basic who insisted on spontaneously getting up from his chair and shaking his booty during our lesson.
  • The lone girl in Basic with the tiny lisp, raspy voice, and huge eyes. Anything she says is precious.
  • Three former students who rushed to my classroom and enveloped me in hugs. So impressed they actually took me up on the offer to stop by...
  • Dining on a breakfast burrito with salsa verde, compliments of a NorCal aunt and SoCal uncle (thanks again -marvelous way to start any day!).
We always have the choice -half full or half empty. Can you tell which one I'm trying to focus on?!

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