Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Melange

It's snowing! 

What a long, strange day it's been. Neither bad, nor especially remarkable... just an interesting melange of activity. I clocked into work at 10:45 this morning to assist my manager with a marketing task -namely, passing out fliers and candy to elementary school students in an effort to entice them to our academy. We visited two schools, and it was fun to see students of mine at both. One student is particularly endearing. He is so young, so sweet, and just so darn earnest. Definitely one of the gems in my teacher's jewel box.

We wrapped up the marketing event just in time:  the snow flurries began right as we ran out of fliers. Thank goodness. It was unbelievably cold, and my shoes weren't really weather-appropriate.

Back at school I had a surprise awaiting me:  baked goods from home! My mom had made the most perfect macaroons and lovingly sent some my way. They were sublime, and I've already consumed four.

Classes were crazy-hectic this afternoon, and the kids were unusually rambunctious. Good thing my mom included ibuprofen in her care package as my supply's been running low...

Walking home from work was a lovely way to cap off the day. The falling snow kept me company, and everything looked so pretty and sugar-coated.   

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