Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rest, Refresh, Reset

I really enjoy my Sundays here, more so than I have at other times in my life. On Sundays I attend an English-speaking service in Myeongdong. It's a great opportunity to see people with whom I have some significant things in common. While I'm there, I feel like I'm able to reset my thoughts, goals, and attitude -which goes a long way for preparing me for the upcoming week.

After church, a group of us went to dinner. Very authentic experience! We sat on the floor, and I ordered bulgogi. It'd been awhile since I'd had it, and it was a good batch. It'd also been awhile since I sat on the floor for an extended period of time, and I'd forgotten how limited my flexibility was. It's hard to sit cross-legged at a low table while managing chopsticks and a pot of boiling broth!

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