Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scary Eyes, Nice Handwriting

So much for switching up all the classes. Looks like I'll be hanging onto some students longer than originally planned (both good and uh-oh news). On top of keeping a few stars longer, another advantage is the whole better-the-devil-you-know thing; at least with the non-stars (challenging students), it's like we've reached an understanding in how we operate with one another. They know what to expect in terms of me, and vice versa.

Just one catch:  Iguana Eyes lives on. The students who coined the name brought it up again -and this time they elaborated. Apparently my eyes are scary because:  1. they're so big; and 2. they change color -sometimes green, sometimes brown, and sometimes iguana-eye color (hazel?). After a brief discussion about the pros and cons of iguana eyes, one girl wrapped up things with:  We've grown accustomed to them, so they're less scary. I'm tempted to buy green-colored contacts to really give them a scare.

At least my handwriting appeals to them... that came up, too. I was writing dozens of words on the board (nouns, if you must know), and the way I wrote a few of them caught the girls' attention. They asked me to show them how to write in that way and also if I could write out their names. I happily obliged (anything to break up a long grammar lesson), and then things got funnier when they asked if I would write out my signature on each of their papers. Kinda touching and sweet to be asked for my autograph. One girl even said:  this will make a nice memory. Aww... now that (almost?) makes up for scaring them with my enormous, reptilian eyes.


  1. These kids are classic! Very entertaining :) Hope you survive the your crazy whirlwind week! We sure miss you here in Sunny CA!

  2. what is scary in one culture is beautiful in another...I'd definitely whip out the contacts... want me to order you some red ones?!