Saturday, March 13, 2010

Act Two

Did you realize you'd been reading Act One all this time...?

Today (actually- Friday, since it's now after midnight) seemed to symbolize the start of a new act in this grand Korean adventure. I'm nearly halfway through my teaching contract, and fittingly enough, because of one teacher's imminent departure, I was given a new, larger classroom. As with housing changes, it appears that switching rooms holds the promise of great things to come. 

Since I never shared pictures of my original classroom, I'm posting some now. This ought to buy me time to get the new room in shape and ready for its closeup:
It can't be seen in these images, but my favorite part about this room is that outside the window is a church with a large cross that's lit up in red in the evening. On many nights I'd be in the middle of a lesson and glance over at the cross to get a renewed sense of purpose and/or joy. I'll miss seeing it every night. There are, however, literally hundreds of these neon crosses in Seoul, so I'm hoping that at least one will pop into my line of sight now that I'm in my new classroom.

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  1. You have done a great job of decorating your classroom.
    Your students are fortunate to have such a caring teacher.
    Love you,