Friday, March 26, 2010

Behavioral Observations

I'm continually fascinated by students' behavior. Countless observations; here are a few:
  • it seems like whenever I ask younger students (grades 1-3) to draw a picture, the boys inevitably draw people fighting with guns while the girls draw flowers, hearts, and butterflies.
  • each day in my basic class, there are two students (a boy and a girl) who give me a sticker from their personal collections. They both have such kind dispositions, and their sweet generosity tugs at my heart every time!
  • in the same basic class, there are two other students (boys) who consistently find reasons to writhe around on the floor, even though we've yet to have a lesson on snakes and worms or an exercise on imitating them.
  • whenever I give out stickers or candy as a reward, about 30% of students will say thank you; the others say nothing or else ask for a different [one].
  • tattling is completely acceptable, at least through elementary school; examples:  Peter is speaking Korean! Sally is hacking [cheating]!  
  • students announcing their perfect test scores is also acceptable and is usually stated like this:  Yea! Ten-ten (as in 10/10).
  • asking about other students' scores seems to be socially acceptable, although I try to discourage it by saying that if students want their grades known, it's their news to tell.

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