Monday, January 18, 2010

Thunder Mountain

If ever I find myself longing for Disneyland's Thunder Mountain ride, I can always hop on a bus. Truly, an adventure unto its own. I love taking the bus, and I use it to commute to work. However, every day brings a new adrenaline-inducing experience. Take this morning. I was fortunate to land a seat -a solo one in the front, no less. Once the light turned green, we were off like a jack rabbit. Acceleration seems to be no problem for these buses, and the drivers appear to love testing the brakes... as in, upon approaching the next bus-stop, just how close can we get to the bus in front of us? I swear we were at 2 inches today (remember, I was in the front and had a great view). Then, there's the whole nutty experience of exiting the bus. It's customary to exit at the back, and on more than one occasion, the driver has started to pull away as I've got one foot on the ground with the other still on the bus. Scary! Especially when negotiating icy curbs.

In sum, the bus rides would definitely qualify for E ticket status should Disney ever decide to bring back that system.

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  1. Jennifer,
    WE missed you yesterday, but know you are where God wants you...for such a time as this.
    Love your blog postings...the first email I read each morning.
    Love you,