Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I broke one of my own rules and wore the same pair of shoes two days in a row and am now dealing with the consequences. My brain feels lethargic and my body even more so. As tempting as it is to lament the aches and fatigue, I feel incredibly grateful. The situation in Haiti has me checking every negative inclination and resolving to be a positive influence wherever I am, in whatever capacity. I'm tired, but I'm working again. My feet hurt, but I have adequate shoes. My brain needs recharging because it races continually throughout the day drumming up ways to be more creative and efficient, enthusiastic and compassionate.

The rain we're having has also had a sobering effect. It causes me to be more introspective which I appreciate. I'm hoping to carve out time this weekend to be still and reflect on how best to invest my resources and talents. That parable in Matthew has long been a favorite of mine, and yet lately I feel like I'm slacking and not being a good steward. Lots to ponder and pray about.

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  1. Wise words for all of us to ponder and put into practice. Practicing a heart of gratefulness requires discipline and reliance on God's Spirit.
    Using our talents for His glory takes courage and His grace.
    Love you,