Friday, January 8, 2010

Intensives, Day Four

In honor of Texas playing for the National Championship today, I tried to infuse my classroom with some Longhorn spirit. I wore a Texas t-shirt with jeans (plus my new snow boots -day four and counting), and I attempted to teach my morning class the "Texas, Fight" cheer. Half of them were into it while the other half rolled their eyes and looked at me like I was an idiot. (I don't have the heart to tell the spirited ones that Texas didn't win.)

My energy levels have been totally erratic this week. I arrive at work in a zombie-like state but then perk up once class starts at 10am. Am usually able to maintain momentum throughout the class and even get an extra jolt when it ends at 1pm -perfect for powering through a round of quiz grading. Then, at about 2pm I completely crash which makes subsequent lesson planning a real challenge. However, once my next class starts at 4pm, I'm back to normal (more or less) although my energy continues to fluctuate until the work day concludes.

I feel like I'm writing incoherently. Should probably sign off before I say something truly silly or regrettable. 

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