Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oreos, Oatmeal, and Coffee -Oh, My!

Well, if a hotteok can turn around an afternoon, imagine what a care package from Texas can do (thanks, K!). My sister's carton of awesome treats arrived this afternoon, and the timing was marvelous. I'd just wrapped a hectic 3-hour science class and was partially covered in vinegar + baking soda (today was Volcano Day, Part II - The Eruption). My head was spinning from keeping track of 14 hyper students, however, I planned on foregoing my break to catch up on grading. Ironically, I'd brought tofu for lunch, which then froze from being in the refrigerator at work, which in turn made eating Oreos and oatmeal (plus some Milky Ways) for lunch all the sweeter. I have since consumed additional Oreos and am now contemplating where to hide the remaining ones so that I can prolong their lifespan in Korea...

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