Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Science + Students = Comedy

There's a student in my Science class who kills me. He's either going to be an international man of mystery (a la James Bond) or a pop star when he grows up. When he's not staring off into space, he's alternately practicing his signature and raising his eyebrows (think Joey on Friends saying, "How you doin'?"). It's so hard to keep a straight face when he's in one of his performer modes, and most of the time I wind up breaking character (like Jimmy Fallon in any SNL skit). The other students are both amused and frustrated by him because while he does funny things during class, he never knows where we are in the reading when it's his turn.

Another student in the same class told me I was a grandmother after I mentioned my age last week. You know how it is... anything over 13 is ancient. Anyway, despite my logical protests (e.g. I don't have kids, so how could I be a grandma?!), he couldn't understand why I was wearing a scarf around my neck because that (apparently) is a definite old lady move. He even went so far as to ask the Korean counselor about it, which she told me today. The student's name is Jack, and after he repeatedly called me 'Grandmother,' I told him I had a Grandpa Jack who lives in Nebraska and then proceeded to call him Grandpa Jack a few times. I also went through the other kids' names in class, mentioning I had an Uncle David and that my middle name was Sarah, so now he insists on referring to me as Jennifer Sarah, which I find hilarious. Especially because he's one of the smallest, yet most outspoken, kids in the class. He also loves the UCLA cheer and tries to get the class to perform it every day. Science has never been so fun (or funny).  

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