Thursday, January 14, 2010


As all the teachers out there know, students have a knack for throwing curve balls when it comes to answering questions. The unpredictability and wackiness keep me on my toes.

The junior Romeo in my science class was in top form this morning, and I lost it after one particularly unexpected comment. We've been studying natural resources, and today's lesson focused on air -how it's invisible although you can feel and smell it. I went around the room, asking the students to share their favorite scent. Their answers were diverse, though pretty much what you'd expect -cookies, roses, candy... and then, the kicker from Romeo:  "Chanel" (spoken while raising his eyebrows up + down and batting his eyelashes). Later, a different student replied that he liked the smell of cocoa, to which Romeo exclaimed:  "Teacher, Chanel has a Coco smell, too!" I am stumped... how does this 10 year old boy know these things?! 

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