Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Intensives, Day One

I survived.

If pulling 13 hour days (9 hours of teaching + mandatory prep time) during the month of January is what I knowingly signed up for, then it's an unexpected delight to begin each day with the basic science class I'm now teaching. Initially I was nervous about teaching science (not my strongest subject by any stretch) to 14 students (grades 1-3!), but then I saw how cute and generally well-behaved they all were, and my apprehension dissipated. The students are still at the age where they're prone to being obedient, and positive reinforcements, like points and stickers, carry weight. Then again, maybe they were on better behavior since today was Day One.

I was excited to have four of my favorite students back. It's crazy to see how much these boys have grown since I last taught them two months ago. Not only are they taller, they act cooler, too.

A care package arrived today from a childhood friend whom I've known since I was three or four. Thank you, MW, for the awesome stamps and stickers! They're just perfect; when I handed out a few today, the students went crazy... thank you.

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  1. Wow! Another unexpected encouragement from the Lord by way of kind MW!
    At the risk of repeating myself, God so is personal. He uses His people to encourage us no matter where we are living.

    Love you,