Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catching Up

With no words at all, we can still say quite a bit. A glance, an eye roll, or a smile communicate different things and, depending on the context, can convey very different messages. Of course, in the absence of a face-to-face exchange, communicating in silence poses challenges and certainly slows down the flow of information.  

So, I apologize for the lapse in posts. It's been an unusal few days, and a lot has happened. I could write about the fact that Monday was my last day at the hagwon -a bittersweet day for sure as several of the students I taught are really funny and sweet, and they made a fuss over my leaving. Plus, I'll miss the daily interaction with some colleagues there. I could write about the busy-ness of yesterday -moving across town, aided by a Korean couple with whom I'm friends. I could write about the celebratory lunch we had afterward at a Chinese restaurant where I nearly got sick at the table upon biting into one of the meat dishes. I could write about the excursion I took later in the evening to pick up groceries -going to four different stores to find olive oil and spending 4500 won ($4) on a can of refried beans. I could even write about the eclectic dinner I made -a tomato salad followed by an enormous helping of chicken-flavored stuffing, courtesy of an instant mix my uncle had sent months ago.  

One thing about living in Seoul:  there's never a dull moment. As for today, I'm focused on settling into my new, temporary home. For the next two months, I'll be house sitting for friends in Hongdae, Seoul's primary artistic + indie neighborhood. Oh, and I start my new job tomorrow so I definitely need to prepare for that as well.

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