Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today I had to take some passport-type photos for a tourist visa that I need for my upcoming trip to Shanghai. Anyway, there's a fairly strict look to strive for in these pictures -professional dress, closed-mouth smile, and hair pushed back behind the ears. So, I wasn't expecting glamor shots or whimsical candids by any means. However, upon receiving the finished product, I had a good chuckle. The photographer had whitened my skin so much that I did a double-take. Essentially, there are no shadows whatsoever on my new face, and my nose has all but disappeared -just two nostrils left behind! See for yourself:


  1. ahh, but you still look so pretty! love the pearls,too. white skin is far more desired in the asian culture than our olive skin... oh well - i love the sun and the darker the better!! :)

  2. 와 정말 이쁘네요. I agree. CS mate you could roll out of bed take a picture and still look like a million bucks. ^^

  3. The Wichita girl
    With her soft porcelain skin
    A Soul pearls within

    a Haiku for you Jennifer

  4. Would not recognize you walking down the street.
    This picture shows what a beautiful woman you are and wonderful you are