Monday, June 14, 2010


When I was growing up, my parents would encourage me to be loving towards my sisters. I remember them saying something along the lines of:  one day, your sisters will be your closest friends. Sure, I loved my sisters back then, but I definitely acted bossy towards them (they were younger after all!), and it didn't seem plausible that we'd ever actually be real friends.  

You can probably guess where this is going... of course my parents were right. I am incredibly grateful to call both of my sisters dear friends. Currently, though, it's a bittersweet thing because one of the most difficult aspects about living here is being away from them, absent for the big moments in their lives. Still, although there's huge geographical distance between us, they are always close in my heart. Things in threes, like the pink flowers above, serve as continual reminders of them. And Skype sessions help us tremendously with staying connected.  

(i love you loads, k + j! wish i could be there for this week's special events.)


  1. Jennifer~
    We wish that you could be here, too! :) What a sweet post! I always think of the three of us when I see things in threes as well. I love you!

  2. Today I wrote a poem
    And I put it in my book
    It's about a certain letter
    That's shaped sort of like a hook
    It's a very special letter
    And I like it quite a lot
    The big one has a line on top
    The small one has a dot
    It comes at the beginning of a word like jellybeans
    Or John, or Jane, or Jenny
    Or a brand-new pair of jeans
    You'll find it in the alphabet
    Between the I and K
    And if you haven't guessed by now
    Well, it's the letter J

  3. That will bring tears to your eyes.
    Uncle Randy

  4. Grandma misses you age would love to see you.