Friday, June 4, 2010

Faith Test

I'm in the midst of a real test of faith.  

Facing circumstances that require prompt action, I resisted a reflexive impulse to forge ahead today -as in Friday, June 4th. A difficult decision indeed as there are several factors which favor moving forward without delay. However, a gentle but firm voice has pervaded my thoughts as I've been evaluating things and, coupled with another weighty factor, ultimately prompted me to be still and wait.

I think this is a meaningful opportunity for me to experience, and later testify to, God's continual, supernatural engineering of events in our individual lives in ways that often defy human reasoning. It's all too easy for me to verbalize God's in control, so I don't need to worry, yet when it comes down to it, so often I try to take over and manoeuver away. And really, my efforts are more like muddling than manoeuvering. Inevitably I botch things up, and still I'm always tempted to take matters into my own hands. You'd think I'd have learned long ago.

So, this choice I made today feels very significant -like maybe I'm starting to actually put into more consistent practice the belief that I'm definitely not the one in charge.   


  1. jen, you're so mysterious in your postings. i would love to know what is really going on with you. also, where's a picture posted of the new do? would love to see it. please fill us in on your mysterious blogs.... love you and miss you, aunt nan

  2. you are so right...God really is in control. So do not fear.