Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cold Noodles

There's a Korean dish that I've grown quite fond of:  naeng-myun. These thin buckwheat noodles are served in a chilled beef broth and topped with various veggies, plus an egg. Maybe it's the extreme humidity and heat, but I'm really craving them now. Too bad I can't whip up a batch for dinner. Alas, it's cold cereal instead! Way too tired and hot to cook. However, in case you'd like to make some yourself, here's a link to a recipe:

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  1. I'm impressed! Naeng-myun is highly authentic and hard to acquire the taste for. My husband is Korean American and he doesn't even find it a bit appetizing. Hot weather definitely calls for a good bowl of Naeng myun. And you even kindly added the link to recipe! However, it is one other dish that I don't dare to make beside kimchi. Now I have this massive craving for it! I can feel the heat in Seoul. It also was a bit humid in OC as well.