Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sun Protection

After two years of living here, I'm still amused by the sight of umbrellas on sunny days.  My foreigner friends and I are always rolling up our sleeves and aiming to walk on the sunny side of the streets, while the locals head for the shade and tug on their long sleeves.

The best sun protection of all, however, is that embraced by the ajummas^. Ahhh, yes. These ladies really know how to stay protected. With their huge visors, wrap-around sunglasses, face masks, scarves, long sleeve shirts, tracksuit pants or walking shorts, and driving gloves, they ensure that less than 3% of their skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Believe me when I say that I'd love to snap some pics. However, up until now I've been hesitant because these women are assertive and tough. The photo below was taken from a far distance, but I'm posting it anyway to give you an idea.

^a post devoted to ajummas is in the works, but there's just so much to say -so many angles- that I'm still trying to edit my thoughts... stay tuned.

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  1. i'll take my tan skin, healthy glow, sun spots and wrinkles any ol'day to the sun-virgin skin. i was just talking about this with my nail ladies because their skin is flawless from so little sun exposure. great posting! xoxo aunt nan