Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Recently a friend of mine returned to Korea from a trip home to the States. She brought back some goodies for me, including a variety of seasonings from my beloved (and dearly-missed) Trader Joe's. One seasoning has especially enraptured me.

Smoked Sea Salt. 

How have I lived without this stuff? It is so good. I've been putting it on everything -cucumbers, tofu, eggs, tomatoes... Am now contemplating using it on sweet things, too. Peaches, perhaps?

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  1. Try that on chocolate covered waffles. Food Network had a special on salt specialty shops and restaurants. I don't know what kind of salt they used for deserts, but this one chef sprinkled a bit of salt over chocolate covered waffles. The host of the show and customers were rather surprised and pleased by the unexpected taste.