Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Oh, yes I did!

As locals know, buying toilet paper is no small purchase in Korea, and it requires a certain level of commitment. Unlike in the States, it's rare to find four rolls to a package. Instead, there are usually 16 to 24 rolls bundled together. Thus, every few months you face the monumental decision of which pattern to buy. Very tricky.

Pattern options that I've passed over include dolphins, teddy bears, and pithy sayings. And I've learned one must be very careful to avoid the scented batches which are plentiful (unless you're into that thing). 

Tonight, after two years in Korea, I broke down and went for Hello Kitty. It seems pretty natural. After all, Miss HK was probably my very first exposure to Asian culture, at least my earliest memory of it.

Have I crossed over...?

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